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Los Angeles loft for $75/night

If you don’t yet know about airbnb, and like to travel, then welcome to something really marvelous! Called “Ebay for space” by Time Magazine, airbnb is a service that allows you to rent out your extra space (a couch, a room, your whole place, etc) for short or long periods of time. Or you can forgo hosting, sign up as a traveler and stay at these places, which are usually nicer, cheaper and way more interesting than a hotel room.

N and I have done both the hosting and traveling, and can’t recommend this service enough – in fact Heidi is hosting us right now in Stockholm, and it’s wonderful to stay with someone who knows the city.

I could go on and on about airbnb, but I think their (really great) website speaks for itself. I’ll just leave you with this, if you’re in San Francisco, Ivan and Wendy’s is amazing!

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  1. John Gardner says:

    Great idea. James Barnard and I are going to try seeing what they have available in Guiyang, where we plan to be in four days. Maybe we’ll even try our luck in Xi’an, where we have booked a very cop-outable hostel room for two.

    This seems like a very Chinese thing to do. At the train stations, one is met by crowds of men hawking the best, cheapest hotel in town, which turns out to be some grandmother’s bedroom, out of which children are trundled to make way for honorable waygoren (foreigner) guests.

    We could end up in an agreeable hammock on The Dragon’s Backbone. Will report.

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