English phrases overheard in the middle of Swedish conversations

(A running list)

Junior size
Airbrush tanning
Civil rights defenders
You win some you lose some
Happy days
Super simple
Off you go
Quick and dirty
Highly appreciated
And we have a winner
Like when I’m really drunk
Sounds like Aerosmith, no, in the style of Aerosmith
The best things in life are free
Cute as cute can be
You have a boyfriend, what the hell!
An “It Girl”
Yo Bitch!
Thank you for always saving my ass
Dance like no one is watching
Can of worms
Size matters
ah, business and pleasure
cat fight

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4 Responses to “English phrases overheard in the middle of Swedish conversations”

  1. Cecilia says:

    Hi Chesley!
    I am excited to follow your adventures during this year and I hope you’ll love Sweden as much as I loved living in the US.


  2. John Gardner says:

    I love this collection: completely unexpected, reflecting a mix of British and American sources. Airbrush tanning?

  3. EK says:

    Quick and dirty. Like

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