We’re Moving to Sweden

Södermalm cafe scene. Source: Monacle Magazine

Södermalm cafe scene. Source: Monacle Magazine


  • Stockholm’s Hyper Island beckons as one of the best (and only) schools in the world for Interactive Art Direction;
  • The Swedish state remains among the World’s Best Governments, conditioning a mostly fair, high quality of life, a strong economy and responsible safety net;
  • Despite popular belief and the dark existentialism of August Strindberg, the New Economics Foundation reports that Sweden is one of the Happiest Places in The World;
  • Particularly, Monacle ranks Södermalm, Stockholm as one of the most livable places in the world (June note – we’re looking for an apartment in Södermalm, we’d sure love ANY help);
  • Sweden’s cultural exports include IKEA, lox salmon, Komeda and Lykke Li;

The Parties Chesley Andrews and Nathaniel Kerksick resolve

  • To move on – if momentarily – from a good thing in Brooklyn, to try on Stockholm for a year.
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