Hyper Island

Hyper Island Videographic

This clever piece by Claudio Salas, Robin Günther, and Madeleine Fia Matsson paints a nice picture. As you may know, I’m part of Hyper Island’s Interactive Art Director program (art director huh?) —  fifty students of varying backgrounds, from twenty countries. We grappled and grew together over the past nine months in Stockholm, where we worked collaboratively on real creative briefs, encouraged by industry experts who came from all over to hold workshops and lectures – the nearest thing we had to teachers. Now, we’re on internships around the world. I’m at Ogilvy Paris working under creative director Simon Mogren, who also went to Hyper Island, and whose Fun Theory campaign you may know. Chesley and I think it’s pretty OK to be in Paris in the springtime.

We’re Moving to Sweden

Södermalm cafe scene. Source: Monacle Magazine

Södermalm cafe scene. Source: Monacle Magazine


  • Stockholm’s Hyper Island beckons as one of the best (and only) schools in the world for Interactive Art Direction;
  • The Swedish state remains among the World’s Best Governments, conditioning a mostly fair, high quality of life, a strong economy and responsible safety net;
  • Despite popular belief and the dark existentialism of August Strindberg, the New Economics Foundation reports that Sweden is one of the Happiest Places in The World;
  • Particularly, Monacle ranks Södermalm, Stockholm as one of the most livable places in the world (June note – we’re looking for an apartment in Södermalm, we’d sure love ANY help);
  • Sweden’s cultural exports include IKEA, lox salmon, Komeda and Lykke Li;

The Parties Chesley Andrews and Nathaniel Kerksick resolve

  • To move on – if momentarily – from a good thing in Brooklyn, to try on Stockholm for a year.