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How I’d Like to Spend a Year in Stockholm

  • Check out renting desk space at The Hub (a co-working space, somewhat similar to my beloved Studio 612a in Brooklyn), and continue graphic designing for existing and new clients as Dossier.
  • Travel, a lot! Major dream destinations nearby include: Berlin, Prague, Copenhagen, Istanbul, Switzerland, Vienna, Amsterdam, Poland, the rest of Sweden…and unexpected side trips off the beaten track.
  • Get inspired by (and learn from) the Swedish/Scandanavian design aesthetic: simple, functional and fun. A few good examples: Swedishness, a web shop for selected, well designed Swedish products, From Scandanavia With Love, a tumblr blog all about Scandanavian design and interiors & emmasblogg, a wonderful interiors blog by a decorating assistant in Stockholm.
  • Learn to knit. (Friends, be prepared to only get knit gifts from me in the future.)
  • Hone my cooking skills. I’ve finally come to enjoy cooking this past year, not that I can claim to do it often. Given Sweden’s long cold winter, and expensive restaurants, I think I’ll find myself cooking a lot more. Related: Fika! Glogg!
  • Get a yoga & exercise routine going again. Oh how easily it slips away.
  • Attempt to learn Swedish.
  • Continue learning jQuery.
  • And finally, do it all with my Nate.