Hyper Island Videographic

This clever piece by Claudio Salas, Robin Günther, and Madeleine Fia Matsson paints a nice picture. As you may know, I’m part of Hyper Island’s Interactive Art Director program (art director huh?) —  fifty students of varying backgrounds, from twenty countries. We grappled and grew together over the past nine months in Stockholm, where we worked collaboratively on real creative briefs, encouraged by industry experts who came from all over to hold workshops and lectures – the nearest thing we had to teachers. Now, we’re on internships around the world. I’m at Ogilvy Paris working under creative director Simon Mogren, who also went to Hyper Island, and whose Fun Theory campaign you may know. Chesley and I think it’s pretty OK to be in Paris in the springtime.

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2 Responses to “Hyper Island Videographic”

  1. John Gardner says:

    Great to follow your and Chesley’s experience in Paris. Salut, et bon chance.

  2. dksfreporter says:

    I love the look and pacing of your videos.

    I only wish you would devote a little more time to making sure the English grammar is correct. The mistakes distract from the message despite the beautifully animated text.

    Marketing directors and managing editors notice those things when they’re hiring. There are plenty of grammar geeks (like me) who would be happy to proof read your rough edit.

    DK in SF

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